Welcome to the Blog Fur Dogs in NYC!

As a dog lover living in the dog-filled streets of New York City, I felt it was only right to try to find other people who share the appreciation I have for their friendship. I created this “Blog Fur Dogs” to help other canine aficionados learn ways to help keep their pets healthy and happy, and to educate others about breed stereotypes and other misconceptions or myths about dogs.

For Pet Owners All Over the Country

Just because I’m located in the Big Apple and may include a lot about this city doesn’t mean people from the the City of Angels, the Windy City or even in towns I’d never heard of before won’t receive my attention. I’m constantly on the lookout for US pet owners, veterinary offices, dog walkers and many others with a great reputation for canine care.

The goal of this blog is to provide information that will help dog owners all over the country, and that means aiming the spotlight at some places I may never get to see in person. If I hear of dog lovers with a sparkling reputation, you can be sure that I’ll be there to give them the exposure they deserve.

Thanks for the Resources and the Help

I may love dogs and have the knowledge to help other pet owners understand their pets’ needs, but I needed the resources to be able to write about this topic with more expertise. My dog walking friends at Cruisin’ Canines in Chicago have managed to put together a dog walking company that is amazingly effective. They have many great bits of helpful information about their services to share along with tips on how to better maintain your pets’ happiness and general wellbeing.They also put together a giant list of dog friendly parks and huge list of dog friendly restaurants in Chicago. Very cool, Cruisin’ Canines!

PAWS Chicago is another great resource I found because of Cruisin’ Canines that promotes the adoption of orphaned animals as opposed to unnecessary euthanasia.

And be sure to check out Cruisin’ Canines on Facebook and Twitter.