How to Clean a Dog’s Teeth without Using Bones

Meaty dog bones for chewing

If for some reason you don’t like giving your dogs bones to chew on for clean teeth, either due to personal dislike or even cold and wet weather if you feed them outside, there are plenty of alternatives to keep your dog’s dental hygiene in check. Raw feeders can easily keep their canines’ teeth clean with these meat products.

An Answer that Might Surprise: Duck Meat

It might seem like something unorthodox for a lot of people, but duck meat is actually a great way to keep your dogs’ teeth strong and healthy. Duck necks are long, but you can chop them up into smaller sections or grind them and put them in pets’ meals. Using a meat grinder might not be the best idea for this kind of meat, but cutting them into bite-sized sections is a great way to feed them to your dog. Turkey necks are a similar kind of meat that is good for dogs to munch on, but one thing to remember with duck or turkey necks is that they do contain a lot of bone, which means that if you’re adding them to a meal you might want to consider adding duck hearts to them when using a meat grinder.

In addition to duck necks, duck feet are also great to use as dog treats. They contain healthy amounts of chondroitin and glucosamine, and they clean teeth very well.

Non-beef alternatives are also available, such as kangaroo, pork and rabbit chews, if you would rather not use duck meat and bone.

Avoid Certain Chews and Bones

Some people like to give their dogs antlers to chew on, but the concern of breaking teeth might deter some from them because of their toughness. On the other hand, rawhide chews are something all dog owners should avoid because of the risk of digestive problems caused by bone that can get stuck. Rawhide chews also pose a choking hazard.

There are other solutions out there as well, but these are good ideas to start with if you’re searching for something other than thick and potentially messy meaty bones.

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