Finding the Best Dog Walkers


With three dogs and two part-time jobs, it’s hard to balance their happiness with mine, and I understand that the best way to keep all of us content is to not have to worry when I leave my pets unattended while at work, and to give them companionship while I’m gone as well. The best way to ensure that my pets get the attention they need? Professional dog walkers.

Good Dog Walkers in NYC

I found a great place to walk my pets around the West Village area where I live, called Petaholics. These guys know how to handle dogs, and not only do they walk my dogs, they also serve as pet sitters and groomers. You can even hire them to train your dog, although I haven’t had much of a problem doing that myself. They are sure to take care of your pets’ needs, as they tailor plans specific to their individual needs.

Professional Dog Walkers in Chicago

I have a friend of mine—a fellow dog owner—currently located in Chicago. We shared a conversation one afternoon about how we each manage to take care of our pets when we work all day, and she brought up the great dog walking services at Cruisin’ Canines in Chicago, Illinois. In addition to dog and puppy walking and sitting, Cruisin’ Canines also provides dog boarding at reasonable prices. Cat visits are also provided. My friend said they’ve been extremely helpful by braving the harsh winter they’re experiencing up there in Chicago.

Go with the Walkers You Trust

Unless a location has a solid reputation, you don’t want to trust them with your pets’ welfare. That goes for animal hospitals, neighbors, and professional dog walkers, among others. When a professional arrives at your door for the first time, watch how they interact with your pets. Look for any indications of reluctance on the part of your pets (which may or may not be natural for them with all new people) as well as any indication of malevolence on the part of the walkers.

Dog walkers should care as much about your dogs as you do and understand that, like us, they each have their own personalities. This is the best way to ensure that your dogs are at their most content even during those times you’re not around for them.

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